Vaccines for Life Program

Vaccines for Life Program: King Street Animal Hospital is pleased to announce free Vaccine for life Program. Pets enrolled in this program will be eligible for free vaccines for rest of life.

How it works: 

 1. There is one time $75 enrolment fee per pet.

 2. You will pay exam charge per pet at the time of vaccination.

Commonly Asked Questions:-

1. Why are we offering this program?

Answer: At King Street Animal Hospital we stress the need for annual wellness examination. Vaccines are very important to keep pet healthy by maintaining adequate levels of immunity. Wellness Examinations are vital to detect underlying conditions such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, heart conditions, tumours and oral health. During wellness examination, pet is examined from head to tail. all joints are manipulated, lymph nodes are palpated and assessed for size and shape. Any abnormal growth or lump will be documented with reference to size, shape, consistency and any further diagnostics will be discussed.

2. What if I do not come for yearly wellness Examination?

Answer: We will give 30 day grace period to get pet examined. If pet is not examined during this period, then your pet will not be eligible for free vaccination. Pet can again be enrolled into the program but enrolment fee will have to pay again.

3. Any other hidden charges?

No, there will be no other hidden charges. Enrolment fee is non refundable and non-transferable. 

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Sign up using the form or call 705-726-0080 to make your appointment.

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